• John Lennon’s Favourite Leather Cap, from 1964

    This iconic leather cap earned a place in rock & roll history. Now you can have one too. From the same Liverpool designer, Helen Anderson.

  • A life in art & fashion

    Helen drew and painted from the age of three; by age twelve, she was designing her own extraordinary clothes, often in leather or suede, and frequently hand-painted. Both disciplines have informed her distinguished career as a fine artist and fashion designer.

  • Hello Goodbye

    I met John Lennon in 1957, on my first day at Liverpool College of Art. He ran up to me in the corridor, asking “Hey, are you that bird who painted Lonnie Donegal? I was. We became firm friends. Lonnie was a legend in John’s eyes. Little did we know that this laconic, complicated John Winston Lennon would become a proper legend, on an almost unimaginable scale.