If my scissors could talk...

If my scissors could talk...

If only scissors could talk! I used these scissors to cut John Lennon’s leather caps in 1964.

It seems unbelievable but I've had both pairs since 1963, when I first used them in my atelier/shop in Liverpool. Purchased at a shop called Kelly’s on Renshaw Street, they were a gift from my father. My mum was sick of me using her kitchen scissors to cut leather. I've been looking for a professional knife and scissors sharpener for years: they are “as rare as rocking horse poo” these days. Finally found one this week: Hiltons Mobile Sharpening Services! Chris Hilton has transformed all of our gardening tools, knives, cutlery... and finally, my precious 55-year-old scissors. I’ve struggled so much in recent years with my half-blunt instruments, using them for everything: couture eveningwear, wedding gowns, leather outfits, wallpapering numerous houses, making hats, dead-heading roses, even trimming lawn edges. Now that they are rejuvenated, I shall treasure my precious old friends!

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