Looking for Lennon

Looking for Lennon

Looking for Lennon is a new factual film, produced and created by Garry Popper, and directed by Roger Appleton, who also directed the marvellous Get Back!It’s a highly intelligent look at the formative years of John Lennon, so I was delighted to be interviewed, alongside some terrific pundits and peers.

Friday 15 June 2018 was the opening night in a week of screenings at Liverpool’s lovely FACT cinema. I took part in a fun Q&A after the film, with the project’s Associate Producer, David Bedford, author of Liddypool. David reluctantly posed in my leather cap design and – I’m happy to say – several audience members placed immediate orders.

Good news: if you didn’t make it to Liverpool, you can download the film from iTunes, Amazonor Google Playin the UK and soon, I hope, the world.

Read Curt Wiser’s in-depth review of the film here.


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