Strawberry Field" - not Fields! - Forever... John Lennon got the name wrong in this famous Beatles song - or did he?! (You’re listening to a fab new cover version here, by Javier Parisis from Argentina, also pictured, who came along with me for a sneak preview.)

The famous red gates of Strawberry Field, John Lennon’s childhood playground, just reopened to the public, with a new sense of purpose. Their very special 8-week vocational trade and skills courses for disadvantaged teenagers help them to develop a career path and find their place in society.

The wonderful new visitor centre you see here features an exhibition, gallery, cafe and shop (where you can buy my iconic 1964 John Lennon leather caps and now T-shirts too!).

It's really a wonderful place and I encourage you all to visit if you're in Liverpool. Thanks to Alejandro Luisi for working with me to craft this film. 

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