A Life in Art

Trained in Fine Art at Liverpool College of Art (alongside John Lennon and his future wife Cynthia) and, later, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, I originally enjoyed an exciting career as a portrait painter in Italy and the UK: I've painted a great number of celebrities, aristocrats and dignitaries.

I have always specialised in oil paintings: portraits in particular but also places of beauty including my beloved south of France. I love classical, technical line drawing and also work in other media, depending on the project, including fabric paints and acrylics.


Most of my sketches are studies for paintings but sometimes I sketch for fun, to commissions… or out of boredom. I sketch in pencil, charcoal, sanguine and occasionally plain old Biro!

Decorative paintings

I occasionally turn to watercolours or acrylics for my decorative painting commissions, but most of my pieces are in oils.

I have probably completed more decorative paintings in the south of France than anywhere else in the world: a few abstracts and murals but primarily landsapes capturing my favourite spots from St Tropez to St Paul-de-Vence.


Every artist has their favourite medium: for me it’s always been oils. I sometimes wish it weren’t because oil paintings are so very time-consuming… but the end result of all those layers is just so rewarding, with great richness and depth.

Portrait painting is my first great love. I reish the challenge of capturing a likeness in two dimensions but I’m also a detail freak and adore painting fabrics, jewellery and books.

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